THANK YOU #boardsacrossboarders

We can't thank you enough for the continuous love and support. Thank you for everyone who contributed to #boardsacrossborders! 

Each kid at the orphanage was able to choose a surfboard and/or skateboard of their choice as well as a wetsuit! They were so stoked and blessed for the toiletries, school supplies, art supplies and clothes! 

We wanted to especially thank everyone who took time out of their day to drive down to Tijuana, Mexico to help deliver all of the donations and play with the children. 

Sadly when we were there, we noticed their skate ramps were slowly falling apart. Most of the children had a passion for skateboarding, even this younger ones and brave girls! It was so fun to see them enjoying it. Although, it's time for us to repair them so that they can skate safely. Please click the link below to donate in order for us to get these skate ramps fixed up for these rad kids! 

GoFundMe - Ninos de la Promesa Skate Ramp Repairs


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