Personalized & Wearable Carbon Footprint Tracker

Tracking Your Own Carbon Footprint 

At the London Design Festival in 2015, Layer's introduced a new conceptual design called, WorldBeing Wristband. It is still in the works, but an awesome idea!! 
It's a wearable wristband that can track your individual carbon footprint. It'll keep track of your transportation, what you consume, how much water you use, energy use, etc. Pretty awesome! 
You can even compete with friends and challenge each other on who could leave the least carbon footprint throughout the day! 
It is designed to be injection-moulded from recycled electronic devices, to take advantage of the 20-50 million tonnes of electronic waste generated around the world each year. 
Hubert and the Carbon Fund are currently raising awareness of the project with a Thunderclap Crowdshouting campaign, and plan to invite a round of investors to help bring the project to fruition.
Read more about this awesome design concept - HERE

How You Can H E L P 

Join Thunderclap and be apart of the voice. 

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