Norway is Making a Big Change in Recycling.

Did you know that one million plastic bottles are globally purchased per minute but 91% of them never end up actually getting recycled?

Here’s an awesome way that Norway has made a change in recycling habits. A little extra charge.. but once you return it, you get your money back! Pretty cool!

Click HERE to see how Norway has made a big change in recycling habits!


Photo Courtesy of Forbes

According to Forbes, the overwhelming number of plastic globally purchased is expected to clime to a trillion plastic bottles per minute by year 2020. It's also predicted that by 2050, the weight of the amount of plastic in the ocean will out-weigh fish. 

It's important for all of us to understand how our over-use of plastic is affecting our planet and how we can make a change. No, were not asking you to save the world. Little changes can lead to big changesIt all starts with making simple habit changes within our lives. Changes as simple as bringing your own personal water bottle or coffee mug on the go. Or perhaps, even reusing an old glass jar! 

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