Introducing, Ride4Water

O L I O is excited to announce that we are now a proud sponsor of Ride4Water

Ride4Water stands strong behind their H30 strategy -  (Salt Water + Clean Water + Living Water) for a better future. 
What is H30 exactly?
Salt Water = Culture. Clean Water = Cause. Living Water = Community. 
It all started with a 10,000 mile bicycle ride through 10 countries from Canada to Columbia, fundraising for clean water projects in Palmercito, El Salvador. Ryan Delameter, founder of Ride4Water makes clean water possible in towns who need it most. 
Through a simple and easy-to-assemble water filtration attachment system, Ride4Water participates in regular visits to El Salvador to share clean water, educate on how to properly use and clean their filtration attachments, and form relationships with the people and communities of El Salvador. 

 - H O W you can H E L P -

Every donation helps Ride4Water provide clean water and share their story. 

Donate and be apart of the change by clicking HERE

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